Megaliths Of Jharkhand

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It is about eleven years now that I had begun discovering the megaliths of Jharkhand. Bubu, my wife just happened to spot some scarification on a boulder in a site which we happened to visit one leisurely winter morning. She felt these were man made. I immediately dismissed them as being geological. Seconds later I was eating my own words as I stumbled upon a dolmen at that very site itself. It was an enormous monument with a huge capstone placed upon four large boulders.

The scarification must have had a purpose then, I thought. Subsequently I called upon a Senior Geologist and an Archaeologist of the state government. They studied the marks intently and deduced that the lines were natural but a few which seemed extension of the natural cracks were  undoubtedly man made. Bubu was right then. It was invariably a discovery of a major megalithic site. 


Since then backed up by my wife Bubu and a few trusted friends I plunged myself in the discovery and research of megaliths and I wanted to get to the bottom of it all. I wanted to know more of this enigmatic civilisation whose relics I could now well perceive were these megaliths. I wished to learn how it all began.

And man, as being the first megalithic explorer of the state it was a fascinating journey. It still is, as I am still in to it, more than ever. Simultaneously I was needed to preach megaliths (which I did and I still do) to the ordinary men who were in dark so far as megaliths were concerned despite the fact each every corner of India was megalithic.



Today all over Jharkhand I have discovered more than thirty very primitive megalithic sites, over twenty not old ones and of course not counting the numerous megalithic burial grounds which each and every tribal village house.


My work was primarily self funded, partially sponsored by INTACH and of course by devoted friends who believed in me and my work. Today the Jharkhand Government has eventually stood by my side.

Firstly let us begin by talking a bit of my state Jharkhand which houses the bulk of the megalith making population.



Jharkhand is a newly formed state carved out of its former territory of Bihar in Eastern India. She is spread over an area of 79,714 sq km with varied altitudes ranging from 1000 to 4000 feet.

The state is also renowned for the multiplicity of the colourful tribals who reside in this vibrant land. Its major festivals are Sarhul. Baha, Sohrai, Karma, Maghe parob, Tusu, Manda and many other Hindu festivals as Durga Puja, Diwali, Ram Navami etc. 

The major language here is Hindi but the other major languages are the tribal ones as Santhali, Mundari, Kurukh, Nagpuria, and a few non tribal ones like Bengali. English of course is understood and spoken by a few.

The state even holds many fairs such as that of Kunda, Kolhua, Chatra, Kundri, Lawalong etc.

The state is also sanctified with scores of both Mother and Father Mountains and hills known in Hindi as ‘pahari’ or ‘pahar’ respectively and in Austric as ‘Buru’.


The numerous sacred groves of the tribals which they call SARNA have further enriched the spiritual side of this blessed state.

This mineral rich state is blessed with numerous sacred mother rivers known as ‘nai’ as Damoda, Subernarekha, Koel, Karo, Auranga, and Mohaniya apart from the countless others that brim up during the monsoon and flow like the timid doe.

The region is also gradually being known to the world for its enormous treasure house of megaliths which hitherto was known to a handful of anthropologists and the archaeologists only.




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